What we offer

At the Human Greatness Center, we offer an oasis of peace, community and healing in the midst of a vibrant city. The spacious, gracious building is surrounded by a serene garden. You will feel your tension and concern melt away within minutes of entering the premises. 

The Human Greatness Center is dedicated to a holistic approach to supporting and treating every aspect of what it means to be a 21st century human, understanding the burdens and stresses of our contemporary lifestyle and using ancient, tried-and-true methods, combined with cutting-edge science, to offer you the best possible version of you.  

There are 8 main processes and spaces that, together, cover the bases of The Human Greatness Center.

  • We focus on stamina and physical elevation, all of which help Human Greatness thrive. Nutrition is a key component of all three, and our Human Greatness Café, the supplements and superfoods store and medical nutritional consultation are all informed by the latest research.
  • Our chiropractic department helps build the endurance and stability required for embracing our life and its myriad challenges, as well as releasing blockages from the body to enable vitality and the free flow of life force.
  • The Center’s Practice Hall, dedicated to the development of all 7 centers of being, offers a wide array of physical, meditative, energetic and emotional practices, as well as experiential events of ecstatic music, movement and cinema. It is divided among the days of the week, with all activities planned to fit the specific emphasis of each day.
  • The Lecture Hall hosts Shai Tubali’s powerful talks, seminars and lessons. In these programs, we undergo transformative processes, as well as obtain knowledge that can equip us to better respond to life’s curveballs.
  • The Center’s Healing and Empowerment Room is designed based on Shai Tubali’s various techniques, including his famous “Expansion Method,” which employs expanded states of consciousness for deep emotional healing, release from the past, the formation of new mental and behavioral patterns and self-empowerment.
  • Our Training Space is where practitioners are able to acquire professional mastery over effective and proven methods of emotional healing, self-understanding, self-fulfillment, and self-empowerment. Here those we have healed become healers, those we have taught become teachers and group leaders themselves.
  • The Study Room is open to all who wish to take the time to dive into our library and its rich variety of books, available for both reading on the spot and for purchase, covering all aspects of human knowledge, traditions and schools of thought. What all these books have in common is their capacity to foster the emergence of Human Greatness in you. The Study Room also contains a computer-based archive of Shai Tubali’s videos and audio recordings of talks, seminars and schools, all classified into life’s different challenges. 
  • Finally, the Space for Relaxation is a complex of rooms which help to detox and improve mental and physical relaxation, rejuvenating the stressful lifestyle and providing the resources you require to cope with life’s challenges. This includes an infrared sauna, manual therapy and also a planned floatation tank, that combines darkness and deep-water music.

Our therapies, workshops, activities and more are all carefully designed to provide a holistic approach to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and empowerment. Our various offerings pay attention to all aspects of the body and being. 

Knowledge of the Chakras and subtle anatomy is required so that we can experience life without diseases and also master the psychological-physical processes. This is also supported by the proper use of herbs.

The center concentrates attention on the teaching of the seven human centers. It includes lifestyle, culture and education and it leads people to the ability to live a life that is complete and fully manifested. In our center, all of the activities, products, events, treatments and even the cafe are designed to transform the body into a supreme state of health. So this is the true meaning of a holistic approach that is also healing, whole and holy. 

In order to help you in a holistic way, we offer the following activities and spaces at the Human Greatness Center.

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