Shai Tubali, Center Founder and Visionary

Shai Tubali is an internationally-renowned author, speaker and innovator in the field of inner transformation and personal development. He has developed a unique holistic approach to helping others self-actualize and become the best versions of themselves possible, from physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual angles. Shai envisions a post-religion community in which aspects of various spiritual beliefs are followed without any rigid religions, where openness and compassion lead, and where spirituality becomes one with the body and mind.

Shai’s approach weaves together a tapestry of thought and tradition from psychology, philosophy, medicine, Yogic traditions, Eastern thought and practices and the most advanced scientific research. His vision is made manifest in the Human Greatness Center, where all aspects of his system are made available to anyone who wishes to partake.

Shai was born in Israel and has lived in Berlin for a decade. He is a trained Yogi with 18 years of study in the field of Eastern thought and Yogic traditions. He is a multi-award-winning author of numerous best-selling books. Ever since he achieved a revelation at the age of 23, he has dedicated his life to helping others live deeper lives that reveal the hidden potential of their hearts, minds and bodies. He is completing his PhD in philosophy in the field of mysticism, self-transformation and Western philosophy at University of Leeds in the UK.

Noga Müller, Center Manager, Publishing house manager

  • A graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, 1993-1998
  • A certified senior group instructor for body and mind movement and emotional balancing work of the Body Cognition Training Program, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1996-1999
  • A graduate of the Hebrew language editing for professional’s program, Beit Berl College, Israel, 2004-2006
  • A certified senior instructor and teacher trainer of the Expansion Method, WLE Center, Tel Aviv, Berlin, 2009-2014

Human life is a one-chance opportunity to demonstrate greatness of mind, spirit and heart through a meaningful and truly manifested existence. The Human Greatness Center offers an alternative world, and my job is to make sure it will become an oasis for anyone interested in change.

Jan Müller, Head of Chiropractic Department, Chiropractor

  • Master of Chiropractic, Anglo European College of Chiropractic, Bournemouth, UK, 2008-2013
  • Heilpraktiker, Karlsruhe, 2015
  • Physiotherapist, Berufliche Schule für Gesundheit und Sozialwesen, Schwerin, 2003-2006

Specializes in (or trained in or certified for):

  • ABC  (Advanced Biostructural Correction), Seminars in 2017, 2018 and 2019
  • SOT (Sacro-occipital-technique), Seminars in 2013, 2014
  • NIP (NeuroImpulse Protocol), Seminars in 2019
  • Kinesio-Therapy-Taping, 2006
  • MCKenzie Seminar, 2006
  • Adjusting Seminar – Mitch Mally- Upper extremity, jaw, cervical spine, 2013
  • Anatomy trains, 2016
  • Functional neurology, 2018 and 2019

When people hear the word “chiropractor” their first association is with a doctor who helps patients with back pain in a non-surgical way. But that is just one aspect of what chiropractors can do, and it is an overly-restrictive definition. While chiropractors do engage in mechanical work, manipulating patients to relieve pain, the very best chiropractors also integrate an element of healing that is deeply energetic. Working with Jan will relieve superficial physical pain but it can also positively affect what can be called our “energetic body.”

For many years I had severe back pains and, through intense chiropractic treatment, not only were all my symptoms relieved, but I also discovered how the inborn, innate intelligence was healing my complaints from the inside out.

This was only possible through gentle and precise corrections, adjustments of misaligned vertebral bodies in my spine. This enabled my body to engage in a vitalistic principle to heal itself.

Now my philosophy is to start before the problem occurs. Even if there are no symptoms, we have to give our body a regular check up in order to prevent pain and misalignment.

After five years, I finished my bilingual Master of Chiropractic at the Barcelona College of Chiropractic and was intensively trained in the soft and precise adjusting technique called MLS adjusting.

I am convinced that, with my skills, I enable my patients’ bodies to not just heal from pain but also prevent and stabilize starting from the root cause.

Together we will take an approach that works from the inside out. The goal is to reconnect the body with its own healing powers and then to guide and organize them effectively. I use different approaches, methods and techniques for this, such as: Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, Arthrostim, Applied Kinesiology (AK), Webster and CranioSacral Technique (SOT) and Tonal Technique.

Tamar Brosh, Head of the Training Center, Head of the Emotional Healing Department 

  • MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching, The University of East London, 2019
  • LL.B. – Bachelor of Laws, College of Management Academic Studies, Israel, 1995
  • Senior Instructor in the Expansion Method, The School of Expansion, Israel, 2010-2012 

I believe that we all deserve to be happy, and that true happiness starts with a balanced and mature emotional system. I feel called to assist people in healing their emotional wounds, conscious and unconscious traumas and immature beliefs. My role at the center is as a facilitator of healing, empowering mentor, a teacher and a trainer. Inspired by the Buddhist “bodhisattva vow,” I am committed, with all my heart and intention, to serve all those who suffer and seek inner and outer transformation.

Carlos Johannes Stickel, Head of Online Communication, Manager of the Online Campus, Meditation Teacher, Events organizer

  • M.Sc. Sustainability Management, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany
  • B.Eng. Energy and Environmental Managements, Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

My wish is to contribute to the evolution of consciousness on Earth. I believe that the development of human consciousness is an essential key to the fate of humankind. My work is in a way the front door, or the bridge to our transformative programs. Through marketing and communication, and through the design, we can reach new people and invite them to discover their own dormant seeds of potential. 

Nir Brosh, Medical Doctor, Head of the Nutrition and Lifestyle Department, Nutritional Consultant, Health Seminars

  • Licensed Medical Doctor in Germany, 2018
  • Licensed Heilpraktiker, Berlin, Germany, 2016- 2017
  • Private practice in Steglitz, Berlin, as Heilpraktiker, 2016- 2017
  • Plant-based nutrition certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies and Cornell University, 2020
  • Graduated from the Ben-Gurion University Medical School, Israel, 1998-2006
  • Since 2006, Licensed Medical Doctor and General practitioner in Israel. Since 2010, private practice in Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • Graduated from the Israeli School for Classical Homeopathy of Dr. Chaim Rosenthal M.D., 2007-2010
  • Medical Manager, Consultant physician for Natural and Complementary Medicine, senior Homeopath, Clalit Complementary Medicine. Medical manager of two clinics for Integrative Medicine in Israel, 2008-2012
  • Graduated from the White Light School of Expansion of Shai Tubali. Certified instructor of the Expansion Method, 2009
  • Advanced Homeopathy training with Jeremy Sherr, 2014
  • Author of the book, The Power to Heal Pain, Israel, 2019

I provide knowledge based on both my experience of 14 years as an MD and scientist to help expand our awareness of the great potential of optimal health and conscious living. I am particularly interested in revealing and unraveling mind-body connections – the ways our emotions transform into symptoms. Science has shown that rich relationships and community life are important methods for optimal health. Bearing in mind that the center is a model for a future society connects me with a sense of a higher purpose and meaning.

Marcus Koch , Chiropractor 

  • Traineeship surgical assistant (OTA), Berlin, Germany, 2010–2013
  • Working abroad as OTA in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tanzania, 2013–2014
    Focus: providing basic care in the areas of hygiene and traumatology / orthopedics
  • Working abroad as OTA in the private clinic Schulthess Musculoskeletal Center, Zurich, Switzerland, 2014–2015
    Focus: spinal surgery and neurotraumatology; hip endoprosthetics
  • Master of Chiropractic, Barcelona College of Chiropractic, Barcelona, Spain, 2015–2020)

After gaining a deep foundation in the medical field by working for six years in various surgical departments as a surgical technician, I luckily discovered the healing power of manual therapy.

Anna Carlson, Chiropractor

  • Master of Chiropractic at the Barcelona College of Chiropractic in Spain (University of Pompeu Fabra), completed 2018
  • Residency at the Orthopedic Hospital, Sweden
  • Chiropractor at the Chiropractic Clinic, Gothenburg, Sweden

I take the greatest pleasure in contributing to the welfare of others, whether they are friends, parents, teachers or even pets. I have seen firsthand the tremendously beneficial effects of chiropractic care on every patient treated. All of this made me want to help myself, to dive really deep into chiropractic and to become a practitioner myself.

Anna Beicht, Psychologist, Expansion Method Instructor

  • Graduation with a diploma in psychology, University of Trier, 2003-2009
  • Training as a coach, University of Trier, 2007-2008
  • Training as Expansion Method practitioner and group leader, Berlin, 2014
  • Training as psychotherapist with specialization in behavior therapy, Psychologischer Psychotherapeut in Ausbildung, DGVT, Berlin, 2016-2021
  • Permission to practice in the field of psychotherapy, Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie, Potsdam, 2019
  • Training as a meditation teacher, Shai Tubali, Berlin, 2019-2020

Shai’s Expansion Method wonderfully complements many classic methods of psychotherapy. It offers a meaningful and spiritual access to the challenges of human life. It can be used to dissolve internal blockages and to develop new perspectives on your own life. It is less about understanding and “talking about” cognitively, and more about finding an intuitive access to our inner wisdom and mobilizing inner healing powers.

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