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Shai Tubali

co-teacher Tamar Brosh


Human Greatness Center, Altensteinstr 48a 14195 Berlin, Germany or online.

Every year we offer a different “school” in the Platonic sense of the term. A place of learning and discussion revolving around an annual theme. This year we offer a School for Emotional Transformation.

How can we transform our emotions and cultivate our emotional system? Sometimes our emotions feel at loggerheads with what our minds and bodies would like. Is there a way to unite our mind, body and heart so they function smoothly as one? Emotions are a powerful and wondrous tool, enabling greater self-knowledge and heightening our states of consciousness. They can also inhibit us if they are not understood, or if the gap is too great between our mental and spiritual development and our emotional state. 

Together in this year’s School, we will learn about the true nature of emotions and emotional expression. We will expand our understanding while going through transformations in all seven centers of human existence.


  • 1650 Euro/Online participant 1550 Euro
  • Early Bird until 20.10.2020: 50 Euro discount
  • People who studied or participated in Shai Tubali’s school before are eligible for a discount of 100 Euro.

Flexible Payment Options: We know that dedicating yourself to a journey of deep emotional transformation requires both time and money. This is why we offer an easy process that gives all participants the option to pay the school fee in up to 24 instalments.

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