Practice Hall

At the moment we are waiting for regulations to change. Looking forward to inviting you to practice with us SOON. 

The Practice Hall is the Center’s main group activity space, with a rich offering of day and evening classes, from yoga to meditation, from dance to music, from workshops to film screenings and beyond. All of our activities were carefully chosen to support a full life experience and the healthy awakening of the mind, body, spirit and heart.

Our activities are also designed to support the principle of Chakras and the concept of the 7 Day Chakra Path.

According to the 7 Day Chakra Path, each day of the week is dedicated to a different Chakra. 

  • Monday is the day of Grounding
  • Tuesday is the day of Joy
  • Wednesday is the day of Power
  • Thursday is the day of Love
  • Friday is the day of Expression
  • Saturday is the day of Wisdom
  • Sunday is the day of Spirit

This system encourages us to practice all 7 centers of human existence every week, providing a rich and balanced ecosystem for our body, mind and spirit. Enough of everything, too much of nothing. 

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