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Beyond Yoga

At the Prana Berlin Center, we offer a range of specialized yoga classes that go beyond the yoga basics of flexibility, fitness and meditation but instead incorporate ancient, esoteric Asian techniques that help you heal, physically, spiritually and psychologically.

We teach the postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama, which means the control of “prana,” of your life-force) which were developed in ancient India and have been preserved ever since, though they are rarely taught in Europe. They represent the easiest way to activate the subtle body (the subtle nervous system, chakras and kundalini) in order to achieve a calm mind and vibrant body.

Yoga asanas and pranayama prepare us not only for meditation but for everything that life sends our way. A calm mind, flexibility, vitality, body-mind unity…these are all benefits that this specialized yoga system can offer to enable us to live more actively and harmoniously, without losing our balance.

Our yoga instructors specialize not only in leading top-level physical yoga classes for practitioners of all experience and ability levels. They also possess a deeper knowledge about the postures and breathing exercises that you will likely have never before encountered in European yoga groups. Our instructors weave this special knowledge into the process and practice to bring out the best from each yoga class, emotionally and physically.

These techniques offer demonstrable benefits, combining the established advantages of yoga with meditation and mindfulness, while enhancing it all through the incorporation of the ancient pranayama. Independent scientific research papers have been published attesting to the objective benefits of these techniques, including the evident change in the amygdala after just two months of regular meditation training, reduction of addiction cravings (such as smoking), better retention of information, enhanced attention and memory, reduction in biases and in stress.

Our yoga comes from deep within our bodies, from the body within the body, what is referred to as the “subtle body.” The postures were designed to positively affect the inner workings of the subtle body.

This technique unlocks aspects of your physical, mental and emotional centers that may have never before breathed within you.

We are happy to offer you a subtle anatomy training program for yoga teachers and yoga practitioners with Mrs. Esther Theruvel .

In the near future, we’ll offer extended yoga events, like weekend seminars and yoga in combination with other activities, to achieve a more holistic effect.

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