Human Greatness is a school of thought and a way of life through which anyone can become the greatest possible version of themselves. We at the Human Greatness Center are here to help you on your journey to being the best possible you.

We humans are the bridge between the material and the spiritual. We are meant to be both human and super human at the same time. We believe that, as humans, we are meant to embrace life in all its dimensions. We believe that spiritual transformation is the foundation of a life of action and full engagement. We organize all aspects of life into seven centers of being. We perceive them as equally valuable and vital to spiritual transformation.

These seven centers are:

Physical Stability

To feel solid ground beneath your feet is a real human need. We can try to ignore this and believe that we are past this stage, but in fact this is not just a temporary phase of development, but an essential feeling of inner and outer security: it’s about our feeling of trust that we can rely on fixed structures in life.

The first component of physical stability is the feeling of being able to rely on the body. We can exist with a weak or imbalanced body. We can even practice spiritually with it, but everything will be much harder. We need our body to be on our side, not working against us. We need our body healthy, well-nourished, flexible and resilient.

The second component is the feeling that we have a home to return to, both literally and metaphorically, as in a larger setting in which we belong. This includes a roof over your head, but in a broader sense also a connection to and identification with a “group,” whether this is an actual family, a family unit, a group of friends, a gathering of those who share a belief system or larger social construct.

The third component is reliance on a life structure and lifestyle: the general feeling that there is a healthy routine, a reliable income and a reasonable schedule that ensures that we address all of our needs.


The second center has to do with an authentic need to share in the joys of life and to be nourished by them. Life should be a pleasure, too, and there is nothing sacred about pushing that part of life aside. Our body is not just a functioning machine. It really wants to feel alive and happy. Healthy sexuality is important, although it can easily take the form of closeness and warmth. “Healthy” in this context means that you share your body happily, willingly and with love, not greedily or compulsively.

Every day should be sunbathed in moments of beauty and enjoyment, for example when you enjoy art or nature. As humans, we are not meant to live an endless, uninterrupted routine. Summit experiences – intense, exciting, adventurous – should break the rhythm of the first center from time to time. And a life in which there is no creativity – in which one does not create anything innovative with passion and tension – swiftly drains the energy of the second center.

Strength and Confidence

Many are embarrassed to admit that they need a sense of strength and power, but that shyness is unproductive and leads only to painful repression. The third center tells us to feel strong and confident so that we can withstand the pressures, challenges and tensions that inevitably come our way through society and interpersonal relationships.

Another empowering component is knowing that we have direction and goals. The feeling that we are on the way to something, moving towards a goal with our collected energies, is also important. It is certainly not about controlling everything in life, but we need the feeling that we can master life and give it a direction through our will and determination. When we cannot influence the events in our life, the third center is weakened.

Emotional Belonging

Our heart wants to be in mutual, intimate communication with others. Our emotional longing for loving feedback is not just an illusory form of dependence. The experience of intimate exchange – not only in romantic relationships – is a deep and essential nutrient for us. A person not only needs to feel, in his third center, that he has a goal, but one’s heart also needs the feeling of playing a role and of being able to make a meaningful contribution to the world. The psychologist Viktor Frankl recognized this in his psychology of the search for meaning, “logotherapy:” In order to find fulfillment on a psychological level, people must know their existential meaning.

Added to this is the need for one’s efforts to be valued. We need a supportive and affirmative environment that understands this requirement. Each of us does our best, even when we stray from the path from time to time, and we need the approval of others and of ourselves to see that our efforts have meaning.

Authentic Self-Expression

It is healthy to want your “voice” to be heard and recognized. Expressing our authentic feelings and ideas is one aspect of our participation in human society. When we stifle our voice, we are suppressing an indispensable desire for participation. We need to give voice to what we really believe in. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we all have to agree and that our contribution must be applauded, but there should always be people who hear us.

It is not only important to express ideas and feelings, but also to have visions and translate them into a tangible reality. It is unhealthy to just remain stuck in the inner world. Making oneself heard also means giving our inner visions a clear form. This can manifest as art, as an initiative that you bring to life, or in the form of new structures that you build up in your life and in the life of others.

Mental Clarity

Without a deep inner silence, the human mind can enter dangerously unhealthy states in which it behaves hyperactively and neurotically. Meditation is therefore not really a recommendation, but a need for which the human mind cries out from the depths of the sixth center. We need mental order and clarity because nothing works properly in our mind-body system when we are mentally foggy and chaotic. Thus, it is very important to use every method available – from herbal supplements to cognitive self-insight – that promotes inner peace and the feeling that everything is in its place.

Fundamental mental nourishment is also necessary for support from spiritual magnitudes, from books and teachings that help us come into contact with the extremities of our own intelligence and to trust us spiritually.

Spiritual Unity

Last but by no means least, here is our highest spiritual need. As human beings, we embody both the divine and the human. And so we will always remain hungry on the level of the soul, as long as we do not become one with the higher existence. This is the most subtle form of the human need to belong, not to a social structure, as in the first center, but to the universe and even to God. An inherent part of human existence is the experience of limitation: one is trapped in a small box full of belief systems, conditioning and thought patterns. Without the feeling that you can break out of this box at least from time to time and be limitless, you can easily feel suffocated and miserable inside.

The ultimate need that our seventh center can satisfy is for a connection to that part of us that is unshakable and indestructible. Only the Spirit of the Eternal can give us that: the experience that, despite all physical fragility and dependence, we are an expression of the divine in human form.

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