Our Dream

The vision of Shai and the team at the Human Greatness Center is to bring into the world a new type of human. This homo novus is post-religion and post-secular, adhering fully to no institutional religion but a thoroughly spiritual being welcoming of a broad array of beliefs. A creative and sensual being, ambitious and strong, loving and proactively compassionate, a leader and a visionary, a philosopher whose intellectual and spiritual sides meld in a deep, meditative, transcendent way.

Our mission is to produce and disseminate as many high-content forms of knowledge as possible that can enable individuals to get in touch with this possibility of becoming the new human. We are dedicated to a holistic education, a complete school of life, that can prepare the ground for total humans who understand life as a whole and fully respond to it. We do this through institutions, online programmes, books and ebooks, frontal seminars and schools, individually-suited trasformation programmes, research, and international communities.   

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