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Welcome to a learning experience that transforms every day of your week. 

Shai’s hugely popular Online Campus is part of Prana Berlin’s offerings. Shai offers an online learning and interactive experience that is far deeper and broader than a simple online class. Activespirits, as the experience is called, offers a multifaceted way to engage and learn. It is more akin to stepping onto a virtual campus, with many classes, experiences and interactions available, from learning to social engagement with other users. 

Activespirits works on an “all you can eat” subscription model. For a reasonable monthly fee (or a discounted annual fee), you have unlimited access to everything we have prepared for you, from courses to texts, from online meetings to forum chats, from daily ideas and meditations and far more. 

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We are a non-profit charitable company.   Donate and support us.  We are here to teach millennia-old esoteric techniques in a way that they can be applied by anyone to improve their lives today. We heal from deep within, invoking powers that we already possess.

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