On Human Greatness

To be a part of the Human Greatness movement, you don’t need to do anything extraordinary. As a matter of fact, you only need to engage fully in your own life. There are so many ways and so many moments in which you can take part in it in your daily life. Our dream is to help you achieve this, as we’ve helped countless others.

Still, the term “human greatness” may sound like such a big, unattainable concept. What is it exactly? In each of us, there is a universal spark concealed within the root of our existence. This universal spark hides within the most basic feeling that all of us possess: the basic feeling of self-existence, a feeling that “I Am.” In meditation, you realize that there is only one “I Am” and that all our personal “I Am” are like branches and leaves of this one “I Am” that reverberates throughout the universe. This one “I Am” recognizes itself through our individual consciousness and expresses itself through our way of being.

This means that our “I Am” contains the universe, just as a tiny seed contains an entire tree. This is the greatness in us: this infinity, endlessness, limitlessness.

“Humans are shockingly limited beings – mortal, conditioned, vulnerable. But they are also shockingly unlimited: in heart and mind, they carry the great cosmic spirit. When they express generosity, love, courage, selflessness, the spirit shines through their limited nature. Such unbelievable instances of human greatness are what we are here for.”

-Shai Tubali

This means that our “I Am” contains the universe, just as a tiny seed conBut things are more complex than that. As humans, we are unique beings. We are both immortal (through our cosmic origin) and mortal, eternal and finite. Accordingly, we are vulnerable, conditioned, and susceptible to illness, pain and disease. This is why we say, in moments of failure and error, “I’m only human!”tains an entire tree. This is the greatness in us: this infinity, endlessness, limitlessness.

So there are two forces in us: of greatness and of limitation. The clash between these two polarities is what human life is all about, the limited wrestling the unlimited, and the longing in between. You can understand all your inner conflicts through this essential clash.

The human mind cannot comprehend this dual reality. It will only experience it as conflict, as opposing forces. It is only the human heart that can understand and harmonize these two forces – and then teach the mind that it is not really a conflict but actually, the meaning of life.

It is very easy to recognize the meaning of life. We sometimes mentally complicate things and over-search for extraordinary things, while our heart constantly and directly recognizes the meaning.

The Human Greatness Center and its teachers are here to guide you through this process of shifting from “I’m only human” to fulfilling your true, super human potential.

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