Emotional Healing

We specialize in a variety of emotional treatments held in our Healing Room. These include a conversational component as well as a carefully-designed guided process. The guided element integrates meditative practices that can activate the subtle body, leading to higher states of consciousness, triggering profound meditative states and accessing a richer understanding of ourselves, others and the world around us. The processes are easy to follow but delve deeply and work quickly, producing profound results on our inner state and catalyzing positive life changes.

Our emotional treatments include:

  • Emotional Transformation
  • Trauma Healing
  • Addictions
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Empowerment
  • Leadership in Life
  • Clarity
  • Decision-Making
  • Spiritual Development
  • Working with Limitations

We also offer exclusive treatments based on Shai Tubali’s established methods:

The Expansion Method

Perhaps Shai’s most famous practice, this method focuses on the expansion of our consciousness and how it moves us closer to fulfillment in all aspects of life. It consists of a set of meditations and techniques accessible to participants of all levels and experience. Simple instructions for focus, visualization and breathing lead participants to break away from their limitations and rise towards their infinite potential. 

Empowerment of the Heart

How can we awaken our emotional centers? How many people do you know whom you would describe as truly emotionally mature? This course offers you a chance to reach a point of full emotional maturity, which yields immeasurable benefits in all of our relationships in life, from our relationship with our own body to those with family, friends, our partner, our children, even nature and our concept of divinity.

Power Psychology

Power Psychology is a practical guide to the development of our inner power. Based on exceptional research and a tapestry of tried-and-true theories, this course details the different ways in which our psyche, in the absence of inner power, forms complex structures that are simply smoke and mirrors, a defense mechanism to cover up this lack of psychic and spiritual integration and wholeness. Through this course you will recognize the complications our psyches throw forward to cover up the lack of inner power, and how to shed them by fully developing the inner power and becoming self-empowered.

Chakra Psychology

Shai is an acknowledged international expert on Chakras. This course is an ideal way to delve deep into his findings. As a psycho-physiological phenomenon, Chakras are experienced via our sensory centers and are enlivened when confronted with stimulating experiences in life. These seven centers are the source of the least mediated interactions in the human system. Travel with Shai into the realms of self-inquiry, leading to self-realization, healing and transformation.

“I believe that the expanded state is the healthiest and most natural to us. It is surely more natural than being trapped in limitation and contraction”.Expansion is a unique form of inner alchemy – it picks any seemingly cheap metal and transforms it into shining gold – but with one significant difference from old-style alchemy. It does so by simply revealing that the cheap metal has always been, essentially, gold.I developed the “Expansion Method” with the intention to awaken the natural impulse of the expansion of consciousness and to direct it towards fulfilment..Since most of our suffering derives from a contracted state of consciousness, the expansion of consciousness is a means to change our lives and enter a true state of wisdom and happiness.”- Shai Tubali

Private, one-on-one sessions are available in English, German and Hebrew. While working in person in our Healing Room is optimal, we also offer the option of online treatment and coaching. Our Healing Room is a core location at our center, also offering physical treatments and medical consultations focused on lifestyle, yoga, meditation and other paths toward overall positive changes in your life. 21st century Western life can be challenging. We are proud to offer a truly holistic path, dealing with the complexity of human life, a weave of the body, mind and spirit. 

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