The Secret Chakra Cafe

Reopening soon!

The Secret Chakra Cafe is the perfect place to refuel your body after feeding your mind and soul in our workshops. The menu is hand-selected by Shai Tubali and is both delicious and healthy, a vegan-only enclave for anyone for whom bodily health is an important lifestyle choice. 

The menu syncs perfectly with prana and life force promotion. The ingredients, recipes and preparation methods are designed to work hand in glove with Prana Berlin’s workshops and practices. We eat first with our eyes, and you’ll find dishes that are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat. Support your subtle body with healthful fuel that encourages the flow of life force.

We guarantee that our offering is:

  • plant-based
  • almost exclusively organic
  • gluten-free
  • free of processed sugars and oils
  • based on the latest research on nutrition
  • freshly made
  • delicious and beautiful
  • served in a peaceful environment
  • prepared in an eco-friendly, healthy kitchen
  • prepared with reverse osmosis water

But you needn’t worry about all the loving detail that goes into preparing these meals. In practical terms, expect a daily selection of sandwiches, salads, soups, cakes, smoothies, hot beverages and more, all available either for takeout or dining in.

We’ve got you covered for takeout and home cooking, as well. Here you’ll find breads, vegan cheeses, freshly-made vegan cakes, energy bars and spreads. If you need a helping hand in the kitchen, we’ve curated the healthiest cooking equipment, which we also sell: from blenders to steamers and beyond. You can rely on us to do the research for you and bring only the best items to our cafe to make your cooking at home simpler, tastier, healthier and brimming with life.

Keep an eye on this space, as we’ll be offering cooking events and courses geared towards vegan life force and kundalini.

The overarching philosophy of our center is holism, which is why we provide a cafe alongside all of our workshops, classes and programs. Holism, as the term implies, looks at the complete picture, touching upon all aspects necessary for a healthy individual. Too often we find a fragmented approach, with too limited a focus on one or more aspects of what we all need to be the best we can be.

Veganism alone is highly moral but not necessarily healthful. One can be a strict vegan but eat an unhealthy diet. One can be vegan and healthy (or unhealthy) and eat food that is neither exciting nor delicious. At our cafe we focus on all the good things that come from a vegan diet. Of course it is moral, but it should also be healthy, inspiring and delicious.

You’re welcome to join us to learn more or to simply eat healthfully, heartily and well!

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