Prana Berlin is a place of welcome and learning based on Shai Tubali’s teachings, theories and practices. Every aspect of both the building and the practices conducted within it were designed by Shai and his colleagues according to his world-renowned system and under his supervision. The Center includes learning and therapy spaces, study and healing rooms, a store, a cafe, and offices for various doctors and practitioners whose work fall within the framework developed by Shai.

We promote a shift from a fragmented and narrow vision of the world–a view which is, unfortunately, the norm for most people–into a unified and all-inclusive, holistic approach. In doing so, we create a way of life that empowers fully-realized human beings to actively respond to the ever-increasing challenges and complexity of our world.

We teach how to be a fully-realized human, one who is grounded and productive, creative and sensual, ambitious and powerful, loving and actively compassionate, philosophical and deep, medicative and transcendent, a leader and a visionary. Our teachings help you to awaken your dormant capacities, abilities you never knew you had, helping you to maximize your engagement with and enjoyment of life.

Our mission is to produce and disseminate as many high-content forms of knowledge as possible that can enable individuals to become new humans, homo novus, improving their quality of life. We are dedicated to a holistic education, a complete school of life that can prepare the ground for whole humans who understand life in all its intricacies and who fully respond to it.

Our non-profit company is called HGC Total Human gGmbH.

Our approach is multidisciplinary and through a variety of techniques, therapies, workshops, lectures and offerings. It is located in Berlin and is dedicated to the spreading of Human Greatness values, according to the teachings of Shai Tubali, in Berlin and around Europe.

We are an educational non-profit organization that offers to the public the knowledge, practices and means for a new level of being. We achieve this through:

  • Institutions (like Prana Berlin)
  • Online programs
  • A publishing house that offers books and eBooks, audios and CDs that is focused on the fields of self-development, education, health, philosophy, spirituality and psychology
  • In-person seminars and schools
  • Individually-tailored transformation programs
  • Research
  • International communities that will be sharing philosophical principles, values and ways of life
  • Schools and educational institutions for children and youth
  • Educational events and programs, in person and online
  • Professional training for the learning of our unique methods for healing and self- development
  • Health consultations and movement activities for the establishment of a holistic health situation

Greatness is yours to manifest. All you need is already within you. We are here to help you unlock it.

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We are a non-profit charitable company.   Donate and support us.  We are here to teach millennia-old esoteric techniques in a way that they can be applied by anyone to improve their lives today. We heal from deep within, invoking powers that we already possess.

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