Every human is capable of greatness. We’re here to help you unlock yours.

Human Greatness empowers us to awaken our dormant capacities which make it possible to fully engage with and embrace life.

We’re here to help you lead the greatest life you can. Learn to be a (super) human with the Human Greatness Center.

About the center

Established by Shai Tubali in Berlin in 2015 and co-managed with Noga and Jan Muller, the Human Greatness Center (formerly known as the “Chiro-Yoga” center) is dedicated to the realization of the greatest human potential at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Our philosophy is inspired by luminaries from a vast variety of traditions and schools, and led by Shai Tubali’s principle of Human Greatness. Shai considers Human Greatness to be life’s purpose. All our activities are guided by the vision that human beings are destined for greatness. All we need to fulfill this promise is the right guidance and tools. Anyone can unlock the latent greatness within them. It’s just a question of learning how to do so.


Human Greatness is a school of thought and a way of life through which anyone can become the greatest possible version of themselves. We at the Human Greatness Center are here to help you on your journey to being the best possible you. We humans are the bridge between the material and the spiritual. We are meant to be both human and super human at the same time. We believe that, as humans, we are meant to embrace life in all its dimensions. We believe that spiritual transformation is the foundation of a life of action and full engagement. We organize all aspects of life into seven centers of being. We perceive them as equally valuable and vital to spiritual transformation.

Donate to the center

Donate and support us to empower and prepare people to be able to say “yes” to life and to fearlessly become active co-creators of their life goals.

What we offer

At the Human Greatness Center, we offer an oasis of peace, community and healing in the midst of a vibrant city. The spacious, gracious building is surrounded by a serene garden. You will feel your tension and concern melt away within minutes of entering the premises. The Human Greatness Center is dedicated to a holistic approach to supporting and treating every aspect of what it means to be a 21st century human, understanding the burdens and stresses of our contemporary lifestyle and using ancient, tried-and-true methods, combined with cutting-edge science, to offer you the best possible version of you. There are 8 main processes and spaces that, together, cover the bases of The Human Greatness Center.

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